Career Path

My driving force for entering instructional design, and what keeps me going in this field, is simple: People only really learn if they're having fun. That sounds like a total truism, especially if you're in the industry. However, getting that buy-in to spend the time and effort to make learning actually enjoyable is often a little more complicated to prove.

Over the past decade of my career, this has morphed from a vague idea of "yeah it'd be cool to make a game or something" into some realized dreams that made it out the door. I think young Aubrey would flip if she saw my current job.

Personal Life & Past

Avid rollerblader, because some part of my soul is still embedded in 1996 apparently. I use my electronics skills to slather furniture and festival clothes in rainbow LEDs. Twitch Affiliate!

Originally from the east coast, but San Diego's the only place that's ever actually felt like home.